Prayer and Distraction

We can’t focus.


It’s a mental quality that was lost in the last century, and it’s killing our prayer. Gavin Ortlund sympathizes with us and offers 7 pieces of advice for combating distraction in prayer. Here’s one I found helpful:

If all else fails, if distraction keeps seeping in, keep circling back to the gospel. I often find it helpful to pray with this kind of framework:

  1. Lord Jesus, this is where I would be without you: __________.

  2. Lord Jesus, this is where I am now with you in my life: __________.

  3. Lord Jesus, this is what you went through to do this: __________.

If the gospel is anything, it’s inexhaustible. You can go back, and back to the well for more. This might even be a good practice to do once a week in a prayer journal. Writing it out will help you remember and reflect on it throughout your day. Read the rest of Gavin’s post at The Gospel Coalition, and post your own thoughts on combating distractions in prayer.

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