Link: 50 Ways to Love Your Church


Megan Hill over at Sunday Women posted a list of 50 ways to love your church. Here are her top 10:

1. Show up for worship.
2. Sing. Heartily.
3. Say “Amen.” (I’m looking at you, fellow-Presbyterians.)
4. Pray for church members.
5. Pray with church members.
6. Let them pray for you.
7. Weep.
8. Rejoice.
9. Learn people’s names.
10. Introduce yourself so they can learn yours.

Growing up as a pastor’s kid one of the best lessons I ever learned from Dad was, “Walk slow in church.” He didn’t mean that it was inappropriate to run. What he was saying was that many times we walk past people who need help. They’ll never approach someone who zooms through the room.

I admit, this is sometime difficult to do as a pastor. I constantly face the balance between ministering to the congregation through the execution of the services we’ve planned and prayed for, and walking slowly enough to make sure I minister to the one person who the Holy Spirit is leading me to. We have to make time to walk slow. Megan gives us many more helpful suggestions.

You can read the rest of Megan’s ways to love your church by visiting her blog post here:

50 Ways to Love Your Church

How about you? What are some ways you’ve learned to love your church?

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