Books in the Hopper for 2017


Hello friends,

This is the first year an a long time that professors won’t be dictating my reading. Therefore, I’ve put together a reading list that I hope isn’t too audacious for me. I have no clue if I will get to all of these. Pray for me.

1. Christ and Culture Revisited- D. A. Carson
2. Christianity and Culture- J. G. Machen
3. Onward- Russell Moore
4. The Holy Trinity- Robert Letham
5. Theology of the Reformers- Timothy George
6. Spiritual Depression- M. D. Lloyd-Jones
7. Making Sense of God- Timothy Keller
8. Political Church- Jonathan Leeman
Marriage and Parenting:
9. Give them Grace- Elyse Fitzpatrick
10. Parenting- Paul Tripp
11. What Did You Expect?- Paul Tripp
Pastoral Ministry/Leadership:
12. The Reformed Pastor- Richard Baxter
13. Between Two Worlds- John Stott
14. The Story of WWII- Donald Miller
15. Hillbilly Elegy- J. D. Vance. (This book was on the top 10 lists of basically everyone I respect.)
16. King Solomon’s Mines- H. Rider Haggard
17. Nathan Coulter- Wendell Berry
Great Books:
I graduated from the History of Ideas program at The College at Southeastern. The Great books list represents many of the most influential books of Western Civilization. This section includes one book from each general epoch of Western thought.
18. The Symposium- Plato
19. Nicomachean Ethics- Aristotle
20. City of God (Abridged)- Augustine
21. Novum Organum- Francis Bacon
22. Pensées- Blaise Pascal
23. Second Treatise of Government (Abridged)- John Locke
24. The Social Contract- Jean Jacques Rousseau
25. Works of Love- Søren Kierkegaard
26. The Stranger- Albert Camus
27. The Brothers Karamazov- Dostoyevsky
28. Frank Copleston vol. 1
Also, this year I’m going to try out this Bible Reading Plan I heard of from Melissa Kruger. She’s a Women’s Ministry Director in a church in my city and I’ve loved everything I’ve read by her so far.
I have some other personal goals for 2017, and regardless of what I do or do not accomplish this year I’m grateful for the ability to share anything that may help you out. If you have thoughts, or questions, or would like to maybe read one of these along with me shoot me a message.
God bless, and Happy New Year!

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