Keep the Feast

Throughout the Old Covenant the children of Israel were instructed to keep, or maintain, the regular feasts and festivals of the Lord.

And when we turn the page to the New Covenant, the Lord requires us to keep, or maintain a feast as well. The early church referred to the Lord’s Table as a Love Feast, and Paul commands us in 1 Corinthians 5:8, “Let us therefore observe the festival.”

But to our surprise, the feast that Jesus has given us only has two menu items: bread and wine. And, even more surprising is the portion size of these two ingredients. It would be a stretch calling this a cracker, and wine is more like a sip.

So, what gives? What kind of festival serves a meal like this? Well, it’s the kind of feast in which we recognize that the real sustenance lies only in what the ingredients symbolize, namely the body and blood of Christ. Only the broken body of Christ Jesus for sin can satisfy the hunger of our souls, and only the wine of his blood can quench the thirst of our hearts. 

This is a love feast because we heartily dine on the immeasurable portion of his saving love. And, as we are filled to overflowing, we share his love with one another. We extend forgiveness to one another and make peace with our enemies. His death has reconciled man to God, and man to man.

And, for all of these reasons, this feast is only for those who have placed their faith in Jesus and are daily repenting of their sin. So, as you hold this little morsel of bread and this drop of juice, keep the feast of Christ in your heart. 

So come, and welcome to Jesus Christ.

(A few lines in this meditation were inspired by a Doug Wilson communion meditation)

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