Communion Meditation: A Real Salvation


As we take hold of a piece of bread and a cup of juice, we must never forget that they symbolize a real body that was broken and red blood that was truly spilled.

Christianity is not a religion of religious symbols in hope of a real salvation. It is a real salvation with symbols which embody our hope.

As John Updike said in his Seven Stanzas for Easter:

Make no mistake: if he rose at all
It was as His body;

The same hinged thumbs and toes
The same valved heart
That—pierced—died, withered, paused, and then regathered Out of enduring Might
New strength to enclose.

This table is a history lesson. The stone is rolled back. The angels had vivid hair and wore real linen spun on a loom. Christ lived, died, was buried and rose again as a fact of history; an eternal peg on which to hang our hope. 

So, if you belong to Christ through faith, then this table is set for you as a reminder of the living hope of the risen Christ. So come, and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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