Liturgy Resources: Worship Sourcebook

So, you’ve committed to more Scripture readings in your worship services. This means you probably know the church has used Scripture readings in a multiplicity of ways: calls to worship, calls to confession, consecutive Bible reading plans, assurance of pardon, benedictions etc. If your worship service has 4-5 different kinds of Scripture readings every week, you’re going to need to compile large lists of passages for these readings.

You could obviously make those lists by simply reading the Bible. Many Psalms contain calls to worship. Many Epistles contain helpful doxologies and benedictions. But there are also edited reference works that can prove beneficial. When I first began making my own Scripture reading lists, I found the Worship Sourcebook to be one such reference. The book contains lists of prayers, readings, rubrics (transitions), and various other material to help you plan out your worship services.

Hot Tip: I have a spread sheet with columns dedicated to each kind of Scripture reading with my references listed beneath. This means when I plan a year of sermons, I copy and paste verses columns into the annual worship plan.

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