Your All-Seeing Eyes

Our God and Father,

We gather this morning to bless your name and to tell of your greatness to all the earth. Father, we want every tribe, tongue, and nation to hear of your glory.

You are the God who knows all things. You see everything visible and invisible. You see our actions and hear every word we speak. But you also know all our thoughts and every motivation in our hearts.

The clouds in the sky might obscure our vision of the Sun, but they do not obscure your vision of the earth. The nighttime might cause us to stumble in the dark, but even the darkness is as light to you.

Any knowledge we might have we borrow from you. And while we forget many things, you never lose any knowledge. Things that happened a thousand years ago are as present and fresh to you as if they had happened only one minute ago.

And if that were not enough, you see a thousand years into the future because you work all things according to the counsel of your will.

Truly, Father, there is nothing outside of or beyond your knowledge. There is nothing hidden to you. There is no secret that can be kept from you. You have written down every word, every deed, every thought. Every treasure buried under the earth or resting at the bottom of the deepest ocean is clear and present in your mind.

Every day of our lives has been lived under your all-seeing eyes, and we take great comfort knowing that you see us. Father, we praise your vast and perfect knowledge, and we worship you now, through the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, in the power of your Spirit granted to us who believe.


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