Prayer of Adoration: We Are Yours

Father Almighty,

To you we lift up our hearts, our eyes, and our hands. We’ve come to seek your face and glorify your name.

You are the Most High over all the earth. All of the idols of the nations, be they carved stone or the idols of money and power, are vanity and a lie. You alone are the true and everlasting God.

Father, we rejoice in knowing that, through Christ, we are yours forever; yours in trials and yours in death, yours in resurrection, and yours in the life to come. You knew all of our days before we took our first breath, and you count the number of hairs on our heads. Not a care or sigh in our hearts goes unnoticed by your all-seeing eye. Our hearts rejoice in your Fatherly love and compassion for us.

So, we do not worship you from a sense of terror or pressure—but as an overflow of our joy. We wish we could offer you something in return for all you have given us—but we know that we cannot add a single thing to you, nor can anyone take away from your glory. In you, there is no need, but only fullness which gives abundantly to your children.

So, Father, we’ve come to ascribe to you the glory you deserve on earth. Be exalted today in the songs and prayers of your people. We worship you, through Jesus Christ the Son who rules and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. One God. World without end. And Amen!

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