No Record of Wrongs

For the last few weeks, I’ve tried to give practical instructions for seasons of busyness. What are the practical Christian disciplines that are easily forgotten when things get busy?

In 1 Corinthians 13, the Apostle Paul says that love keeps no record of wrongs. This means that true love doesn’t calculate. It doesn’t keep ledgers of debts owed and dents paid.

With school in full swing, sports games scheduled, and your company making a big push for the end of the year, families can become exhausted not because they sin against one another (we all do that), but because they hold onto grievances. They keep hidden mental file drawers of all the things done against them.

Consider one example:

Knowing you are out of half-n-half for the morning coffee can frustrate you, but if you add to that thought the frustration of why you are the only one who remembers to buy the half-n-half, you’ll be frustrated and bitter and weary in no time. But think of how much lighter your mental load will be if you chose not to document your grievance.

We are to overlook small offenses. We are not to keep records of wrong. This isn’t belittling the reality of sin. It’s not being a pushover. But it is choosing to not see yourself as the judge and executioner. God is the judge. He keeps a record of all wrongs. And those which are confessed in Christ receive pardon.

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