Preaching Outline of Revelation

This August I’ll embark on the most ambitious sermon series I’ve ever preached: the book of Revelation. Here’s the outline I plan to follow. Throughout the series, I plan to rely heavily on the work of G.K. Beale and Joel Beeke. This outline borrows from Beeke’s own preaching plan.

Preaching Outline

  1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Introduction to the Apocalypse of John (1:1-3)
  2. Every Eye Will See Him: Christ on the Throne (1:4-8)
  3. His Face was Like the Sun: Christ in the Church (1:9-20)
  4. Remember Your First Love: Christ’s Words for a Church Whose Love is Fading (2:1-7)
  5. Be Faithful Unto Death: Christ’s Word to a Suffering Church (2:8-11)
  6. Repent: Christ’s Word to a Worldly Church (2:12-17)
  7. Hold Fast: Christ’s Word to a Compromised Church (2:18-29)
  8. Wake Up: Christ’s Word to a Dying Church (3:1-6)
  9. Keep My Word: Christ’s Word to a Faithful Church (3:7-13)
  10. Be Zealous: Christ’s Word to a Complacent Church (3:14-22)
  11. Holy, Holy, Holy: Worship in the Throne Room of Heaven (4:1-11)
  12. Worthy is the Lamb Who was Slain: Christ Unlocks Everything (5:1-14)
  13. Behold, a White Horse: The Gospel Conquerors (6:1-8)
  14. How Long: The Prayers of Persecuted Saints (6:9-17)
  15. They Shall Hunger No More: The Joy of Victorious Saints (7:1-8:1)
  16. Hail & Fire: God’s Answer to the Petitions of the Saints (8:2-13)
  17. Woe: The Reality of Demonic Judgment (9:1-21)
  18. You Must Again Prophesy: The Sweet & Bitter Gospel (10:1-11)
  19. Two Witnesses: The Church Bears Witness to Christ (11:1-14)
  20. He Shall Reign Forever & Ever: Final Victory (11:15-19)
  21. They Loved Not Their Lives: The Church, the Christ, and the Devil (12:1-17)
  22. A Call for the Endurance & Faith of the Saints: The Two Beasts of Political Power & Religious Idolatry (13:1-18)
  23. Follow the Lamb: A Heavenly Contrast to the Beasts (14:1-5)
  24. Fear God & Give Him Glory: The Saints Endure & God Preserves Them (14:6-13)
  25. The Winepress of the Wrath of God: A Final Harvest on Earth (14:14-20)
  26. A Sea of Glass Mingled with Fire: Worship & Wrath (15:1-8)
  27. It is What They Deserve: All of the Earth Under Judgment (16:1-21)
  28. Alas, Babylon: The World is Passing Away (17:1-18:21)
  29. Hallelujah: The Song & Supper of the Saints (19:1-10)
  30. King of Kings & Lord of Lords: The White Rider Returns (19:11-21)
  31. Bound Him for a Thousand Years: The Now & Future Reign of Christ (20:1-10)
  32. A Great White Throne: The Last Judgment (20:11-15)
  33. A New Heaven & a New Earth: The Consummation of All Things (21:1-8)
  34. By Its Light Will the Nations Walk: The New Jerusalem (21:9-27)
  35. The Healing of the Nations: The River and Fruit of the New Jerusalem (22:1-5)
  36. Let Anyone Who is Thirsty, Come: An Invitation to Leave This World Behind (22:6-21)

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