Blessed Trinity- How Understanding this Doctrine Makes us Better Worshipers and Missionaries

Last night I taught at my church’s monthly Equip event. It’s an event that we use to study the Bible and train ourselves for ministry. This means that any topic we teach on has result in training for the ministry. When I was tasked with teaching about the doctrine of the trinity I realized that I had placed that doctrine in the “Good to know, but I can’t do much with it” category.

Shame on me.

As I began to study, however, I was entranced. Observing the only wise God reveal himself through Father, Son, and Holy Spirit gave me a new sense of his majesty and power. I began to see his greatness, and felt small.


Below you can find a PDF of my teaching notes. The structure of my lecture was three pronged: 1. The Scripture Presents God’s Oneness 2. The Scripture Presents God’s Diversity 3. How Knowing and Trusting in the Trinity Makes Us Better Worshipers and Missionaries.

Blessed Trinity

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