Pastoral Prayer: Double the Thanksgiving

Father in Heaven,

Before we came to know you in Christ, we ran from you. But now, in love and reverence, we run to you. We look for you in all of our lives. And everywhere we look, we see you. 

Father, we see you in the gift of a new day, showing us patience and mercies.

We see something of you in the faces of those we meet, for you made man in your image.

As we eat our meals, we know it is your hand that has provided for us.

Father, we thank you and we ask that all our life would be a prayer of thanksgiving. We are surrounded on all sides by weighty and substantial blessings. You have preserved us, supported us, given us success at our work, placed us in a nation of opportunity, and redeemed us from the bondage of sin.

Help us, Father, to take all of these blessings in hand and thank you for them. Give us a greater vision of your mercies, than we have of our worries. For every anxiety we express, may there be double the thanksgiving. Give to your church to model faith and contentment to the world.

Father, you told your Son that the nations would be his heritage—so we ask that those who are living in the darkness of sin would see the light of Christ. Add to your church today in every nation. Call to your lost sheep until all are safely home in Christ.

Father, in our own nation we see many who love life and desire to protect children in the womb. Sadly, we also see those who are indifference and even hateful towards the most vulnerable.

So, as we thank you for governors and state legislators who are courageously defending the weak, we also pray against those who seek to legislate death. Break their power to act out such wickedness in our nation. 

Father, we know this cannot happen without national repentance, and so we know that our greatest need is the spread of the gospel. We pray that our nation would fear your holiness and justice, confess sin, and take hold of your mercies which are freely offered in Christ Jesus.

To that end, Father, we ask that you bless the reading and the preaching of your Word. You have said that faith comes by hearing the Word of Christ. So, by your Spirit, give us faith today.

We ask all this in Jesus’ name, and for his sake. Amen.

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