Pastoral Prayer

Prayers for the Church

Father, may you sanctify your church completely. Keep us blameless in body and soul until the coming of our Lord Jesus. We know you are faithful and will do this (1 Thess. 2:23-24)

Prayers for the Lost


Father, we pray for the nation and the people of Afghanistan. We grieve that their nation is under the control of a terrorist group and ask for your mercy. Preserve the lives of Afghans that they might hear the good news of Jesus. Give strength to your church which is being persecuted and hunted. May they be courageous for Christ.

We pray as well for the nation of Kazakhstan. Thank you for the growth of your church in that nation. We pray for the nearly 6 million people in that nation who have yet to hear the gospel of Christ. Embolden your church to evangelize and spread.


Prayers for Members


Lord God, we thank you that our sister ________ is home from the hospital and rehab and ask that you would continue to heal her body.

Lord we pray for those who are physically wearied or anxious at heart. May they cast all their cares upon you for we know you care for us.


Prayers for those in Authority


Father, heal our own nation which has forgotten you, and is deeply divided. Bring a spirit of repentance and humility to those who govern us. Help them to see their own finitude and need of your wisdom, your truth, your power.

We pray especially for the citizens of our nation. Father, you have given us the leaders that we have asked for. So humble and convict the people of our nation. Help us to see our sin, to repent, and to choose leaders who will honor you and your Law.


Prayers for Churches & Missionaries

Father, we pray for Bethel Baptist Church, and their Pastor Steve Kirby. As he plans to hand off the church to his new associate pastor Drew Boland, fill their church with grace and peace. May their transition of leadership be a time of unity and maturity.

Father, we thank you that Redeeming Grace Presbyterian has called their new pastor Henry Beaulieu. Thank you for guiding them through this season of transition and we ask now that the saints there would be fed and cared for through his ministry.

Lastly, we pray for our Operation Christmas Child drive. As we pack boxes and pray for the children they will be sent to, we ask that many would come to know Christ because of our labor. May we always be a giving church, a sending church: a church on mission for Christ.

Lord God, the needs of our church, of our city, and of this world are great. But we take comfort knowing that you are greater than all these because you are the Maker and Sustainer of everything.

As we come now to give tithes and offerings, cause us to do so with gladness, giving to you out of what you have given to us.

In Christ’s name, and for his sake. Amen.

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