Pastoral Prayer

Prayers for the Church

God, Our Father,

The fear of you is the beginning of wisdom (Ps. 111:10), and we pray that you would give us that holy and reverential fear. May we keep your Word (Rev. 3:10), and obey your commandments (Eccl. 12:13)

Give us also the grace to love you with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Mk. 12:30) May your Son, the Lord Jesus, be very precious to us (1 Pet. 2:7), and though we have not seen him, yet may we love him and believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible. (1 Peter 1:8)

Father, let the love of Christ control us to live, not for ourselves, but for him who for our sake died and was raised. (2 Cor. 5:14-15)

Prayers for the Lost


Father, you have promised to give the nations as a heritage to your Son (Ps. 2:8), and so we ask this morning for the nation of Algeria. Though your church there is small, we know your arm is mighty to save. So, we pray, bare your arm in the sight of Algeria. May your gospel sweep across that nation and claim every heart.

Father, you are the God over the great and the small, every continent and every molehill. No nation is too great to resist you, and no island is so small that you would forget it. We pray for the island nation of Kiribati in the Pacific and ask that you bring spiritual renewal to a once-thriving church. Cause them to run from false teaching and hold fast to your Word.

Prayers for Members


Thank you, Lord, for your protection and your care for your sheep here at Lake Wylie Baptist. We are weak, and our faith fails so often, yet your love never fails us.

I pray for those in our church who are tempted to struggle with sin; and those for whom sin remains attractive. Lord, help them to see the destructive power of sin. Give them a sip of the bitter taste of the cup of which your Son drained on the cross. May they see the folly of sin and turn instead to repentance and obedience.

Father, for those who have become captive to sin, who have given up the fight, who perhaps long to be free but no longer feel the strength—may they know that Christ has broken sin’s power as he was broken on the cross. Give them a renewed love for Christ alone which enables them to forsake sin and return to him.


Prayers for those in Authority


Lord God, we know that Christ holds the keys of history. We know that nothing can happen outside of his knowledge and your decree.

Therefore, we plead your mercy over the bloodshed in Israel and Gaza. We ask that you make a way for both justice and peace. We ask that lives be preserved so that more can hear of the saving love of Christ.

To that end, we lift up the civil authorities in Israel, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Russia, China, and all others involved. Lord God, defy the purposes of evil men. Show favor to the plans of righteous men.

And we do pray for the peace of Israel, may they soon see Christ as your Messiah, and turn to him in faith along with the nations of the world.


Prayers for Churches & Missionaries

Father, we lift up Relevant Church as Josh Hair has now become their Lead Pastor. Fill him with your Spirit. May he walk in holiness, proclaiming Christ faithfully. Give their church even greater reach and influence in our community.

We pray for FBC Clover and their pastor Mike Stafford. Thank you for their gospel witness in the town of Clover and we ask that you multiply their efforts. May you raise up more leaders and teachers and evangelists and missionaries from among their congregation.

Finally, Father, we give you thanks through our tithes and offerings. The work of your church is precious to us. May our gifts now demonstrate the gratitude in our hearts for the ministries and missions that are shaping us and forming our families into Christ-likeness. Increase our joy and our generosity even as we give.

We offer all of this in the name of Jesus Christ and for his sake. Amen

Pastoral Prayer

Prayers for the Church

Father, may you sanctify your church completely. Keep us blameless in body and soul until the coming of our Lord Jesus. We know you are faithful and will do this (1 Thess. 2:23-24)

Prayers for the Lost


Father, we pray for the nation and the people of Afghanistan. We grieve that their nation is under the control of a terrorist group and ask for your mercy. Preserve the lives of Afghans that they might hear the good news of Jesus. Give strength to your church which is being persecuted and hunted. May they be courageous for Christ.

We pray as well for the nation of Kazakhstan. Thank you for the growth of your church in that nation. We pray for the nearly 6 million people in that nation who have yet to hear the gospel of Christ. Embolden your church to evangelize and spread.


Prayers for Members


Lord God, we thank you that our sister ________ is home from the hospital and rehab and ask that you would continue to heal her body.

Lord we pray for those who are physically wearied or anxious at heart. May they cast all their cares upon you for we know you care for us.


Prayers for those in Authority


Father, heal our own nation which has forgotten you, and is deeply divided. Bring a spirit of repentance and humility to those who govern us. Help them to see their own finitude and need of your wisdom, your truth, your power.

We pray especially for the citizens of our nation. Father, you have given us the leaders that we have asked for. So humble and convict the people of our nation. Help us to see our sin, to repent, and to choose leaders who will honor you and your Law.


Prayers for Churches & Missionaries

Father, we pray for Bethel Baptist Church, and their Pastor Steve Kirby. As he plans to hand off the church to his new associate pastor Drew Boland, fill their church with grace and peace. May their transition of leadership be a time of unity and maturity.

Father, we thank you that Redeeming Grace Presbyterian has called their new pastor Henry Beaulieu. Thank you for guiding them through this season of transition and we ask now that the saints there would be fed and cared for through his ministry.

Lastly, we pray for our Operation Christmas Child drive. As we pack boxes and pray for the children they will be sent to, we ask that many would come to know Christ because of our labor. May we always be a giving church, a sending church: a church on mission for Christ.

Lord God, the needs of our church, of our city, and of this world are great. But we take comfort knowing that you are greater than all these because you are the Maker and Sustainer of everything.

As we come now to give tithes and offerings, cause us to do so with gladness, giving to you out of what you have given to us.

In Christ’s name, and for his sake. Amen.

Pastoral Prayer: Armfuls of Gratitude

Father Almighty,

You have said that the one who offers thanksgiving as a sacrifice glorifies you, and because we long for your name to be exalted we bring you armfuls of gratitude.

Thank you for your kindness and common grace to all men. You make the sun rise and the rains fall on the just and unjust alike. You have bestowed gifts of intelligence, wisdom, character, and truth on all of your creatures. You’ve promised us that while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease. Father, thank you for the stability and firmness of your creation.

We bless you that Jesus Christ your Son came to seek and to save the lost and to deliver us from our selfishness, indolence, pride, and sloth. Thank you that in him we see the perfect picture of who we are called to be. Thank you that, in Christ, reconciling the world to yourself, and not counting our trespasses against us.

And we thank you for calling us and making us ministers of this message of reconciliation. Thank you for taking our bruised and broken lives and remaking them as trophies of your grace. Thank you that our obedience to your laws can become living testimonies to your truth. 

Father, as we have sat at your table, we have reason to say with the Psalmist that a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. 

Knowing that you possess all power and knowing that you delight to give good gifts to your children, we come to ask boldly. 

Father, give your church grace to persevere through this life. Keep us from stumbling into sin and hold back our hearts from presumptuous evil. Help us to never take advantage of your mercy, but to hate sin and shun evil. Make us people of personal integrity, even and especially when that integrity comes at personal cost. 

Father, we pray for all those who love the Lord Jesus that they would be one. Bring unity to the body of Christ in American and Brazil and New Zealand and Russia. We ask for the spread of the gospel to increase towards the ends of the earth. And we ask for spiritual awakening here in our own nation. Give your preachers to power and divine authority to proclaim Christ. Teach your church obedience and reverence for you above all others. Give us boldness to stand up for the truth and to stand against lies. Father, we ask that you’d shake when needs to be shaken in our nation so that the things which cannot be shaken will remain. 

We look forward to the day when the wolf will lie down with the lamb. When the weapons of warfare will be beaten into tools for farming. When Christ shall reign on the earth and every eye will see him.

Until that day, we ask that you lead us by your Word in the power of the Spirit, in Christ’s name, and for his sake. Amen.