7 Quotes from You Who? by Rachel Jankovic

Rachel Jankovic is a wife and mother who serves at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. She’s written You Who? to combat the slitheringly subtle philosophy of existentialism. Put simply, existentialism (defined by Sarte) is the philosophy that your identity and meaning are what you make them. You exist, then you determine  what you are/who you are. Jankovic’s goal is to unveil the soft, and often undetectable inroads existentialism has made into the lives of Christians. While primarily written for a female audience, the book should be read by men as well. Jankovic’s book is bound to offend you for all the right reasons. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Here are 7 favorite quotes:

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  • In Christianity, the self is always a tool and never a destination.
  • If your essence is in your choices, anything that takes away your own free will and choices is obviously the enemy.
  • A unique human life has unique human value. It does not need to do anything to have value. The value is found in what God did in creating it.
  • “Let go and let God.” Let him? Who exactly do you think he is?
  • Friends, there is no hope for you that is not Jesus. There is nothing interesting about you if it is not resurrected in him.
  • The longing to do something importantthat would just matter is just another form of unbelief. Every Christian is always in the middle of spiritual action.
  • For the world, “Who am I?” Is actually a much bigger question because it is the question of “Who is my god?”… For the Christian, the question of “Who am I?” Is actually just another way of asking, “Who is He?”

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